What do we plan to do?


  • Analysis and assessment of the current criminal legislation
  • Assessment of quality of the activities undertaken by the Prosecution Service; submission of recommendations
  • New version of methodology for assessing the workload of prosecutors and the Prosecution Service
  • New version of recommendations on specialisation of prosecutors
  • Guidelines/practical guide on the prosecution of the most common cases
  • Expert assessment of efficiency of prosecution of economic and financial crimes
  • Specialised training for prosecutors and judges
  • Study visits to exchange the good practice

Soft activities

  • Survey into microclimate in the divisions of Prosecution Service and prepare a plan for improvement of competences
  • Develop management and general competences of the Prosecution Service employees
  • Acquire tools enabling the work with electronic cases
  • Create Prosecution Service Administration Information System 
  • Install equipment for conducting remote questioning 

Communication activities

  • Introduce measures for the implementation of the communication strategy
  • Survey into the image of Prosecution Service
  • Strengthen communication competences of the staff of Prosecution Service and communication specialists
  • Develop and apply customer service standard